Riverside Educational Terminal

The rapid urbanisation of Shanghai in recent decades has seen a huge influx of migrants into the city. Riverside Educational Terminal is to be an essential element for migrants, where schooling for their children crosses over the transportation infrastructure to and from work.

The promenade and the terminal provide a tranquil environment for visitors and a good source of income for the migrant school community. This creates a new dialogue for the site's once lively waterfront, historically the main point of trading in the Huang Pu area of Shanghai. 

The riverfront terminal is reconnected to the Xiaonanmen site with a series of programmatic attractors which strengthen the position of low-income families in the city's periphery. The workforce and their children can thus benefit from an efficient infrastructural project.

The circulation on different levels allows clear differentiation between the fast-flowing movement for transportation, in contrast to the leisurely pace on the promenade. The design also separates the programs according to their noise levels.