There is a light that never goes out

In collaboration with RCA ADS 1

Historically, the living room has constituted the site of representation of the house – a stage set where the wealth of the family was to be organised and displayed. With walls covered with family portraits and shelves stacked with beautiful and personal objects, a traditional living room is regarded as a repository of memories and a point of exchange and gathering.


However in the UK, living rooms have been markedly shrinking in size since the 1970s and, as the floorplan collapsed into open-plan solutions, the activities taking place in these rooms have gradually become more varied and informal, defining the characters of a space no longer necessarily contained in the domestic domain.

By re-enacting and exposing the rituals of domestic practices in the public domain, this project plays with the idea of a public living room which acts as a stage set for playful interaction within the dense urban environment of Albert Embankment.