New City Habitation

The urban renewal development of Mong Kok promoted by the Hong Kong government has increased dominance of the commercial sector in a traditional neighbourhood. The areas for organic social interaction have slowly been eradicated and forgotten. The project challenges the government’s urban renewal strategy by proposing a form that balances the commercial intent and the well-being of the ageing population in the area.

The site is bounded by an Urban Renewal Authority shopping mall and tenement housing. The concept is to combine the shops vertically, connected by a series of ramps. The unique tectonics are governed by the rotation of residential units, where the windows are directed toward true south for maximum sunlight.

Whilst maintaining the current level of residential space, the introduction of “social space”, such as terraces, is to enhance harmony in the neighbourhood. The public spaces are designed both externally as gardens and parks, as well as interior facilities such as community centres, artists' spaces and galleries.