Nga Tsin Wai village

In collaboration with Michael Headrick & Ting-Yi Chan

A new program for a balanced commercial and residential area, as well as social space for users is introduced. Whilst maintaining the current level of residential space, the introduction of “social space” should be imposed by the government as a strategy to enhance harmony in the neighbourhood.


The public space is not about gardens and parks, but is also a space for social well being such as community centres and galleries.

As time passed, the commercial sector have dominated and invaded public space that used to be shared. The area of interaction has slowly been lost and forgotten to the to commercial towers. As these users age, the quality of life deteriorates and it is vital for them to live happily. Will Mong Kok Tsui be the next Choi Yuen Village where development is prioritised over citizens?

Ngan Tsin Wai Village, Hong Kong